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What Best Practice means to me

What Best Practice means to me

Best practice is the way of running a business or providing a service that is recognized as correct or most effective. (Collins Dictionary). Look at this as being the gold standard – the proven methods and ethical guidelines that shape decisions and actions in a business.

In the realm of bookkeeping this is a fundamental part of how we operate. For me I see this as ‘Not just the doing – it is also the way of doing.’ I firmly believe you can have a business that fits with your own values and enables you to do more of what you love.

I was initially very hesitant to start up a bookkeeping business. Operating 2 previous 7-day businesses with mixed results and real detrimental impacts on personal relationships made me nervous. I had a well-paid job with a great boss – why would I venture out on my own? Reflecting on these prior experiences and my working life up to that point helped me realise how important my own values were in how I spent my day. Talking out loud with friends and colleagues shaped my thoughts too. In 2007 I formed a company and set out with Jones Business Solutions as my new bookkeeping business.

At this stage I didn’t have clearly defined services – I took what ever come along and on occasions was out of my depth with projects. What I did have was a firm idea on how I would operate in a way that fitted my core values. Growing up in rural New Zealand as the oldest of 7 in our family with hard-working Christian parents instilled solid morals and principles to be adhered to. (And yes – Catholic guilt is definitely a thing!)

To me Best Practice is about operating with technical and professional skills. Harnessing both these elements leads to a values-driven business. Have a think about these ways of doing:

Do more of what you love – every day! Find joy and fulfilment in your work. Notice and celebrate the small wins along with the bigger achievements. When you feel passionate about your work you are more likely to excel. Evaluate what gives you the most satisfaction – do more of that! Consider reducing or outsourcing areas that are your weaker ones – you don’t have to be a rock star at everything! Passion isn’t a luxury – it’s essential to keep you moving forward in a way that matters to you.

Work to your strengths and move in a direction that fits your overall goals and long-term objectives. Aim to move incrementally in a direction that aligns with your purpose. Reflecting and reviewing results as you go (and not just the financial ones) keeps you on track with what lights you up. I ask myself “Does this task bring joy to my heart?” If it does, I’m on track. If not, I recalibrate. Having a purpose isn’t a distant goal – it’s a daily compass.

Continual learning
Be curious – keep asking questions, research and test new methods, challenge and tweak existing systems. Commit to lifelong learning. There is so much information readily available –check its validity – be discerning with what you spend your time learning on. Discuss new ideas with trusted business partners – get their perspectives. There is usually at least one thing that we pick up, even when we think we have a good understanding of a topic. Focused reading and active listening will open up new ideas and things to try.

Clients and colleagues who share your values
Line up with people who share similar values to yourself. Say ‘No’ to those who don’t. Building solid and meaningful relationships is so important – in all facets of life. The way you do this should be consistent in both personal and business aspects. If some situations are draining your energy or giving you anxiety it might be time to let them go!

Avoid compromising or conflicting with what you believe in. It’s OK to respectfully have a different opinion or approach to an issue. When you operate authentically trust and respect follow. You don’t have to help everyone – those who ‘get you’ will thank you for what you do. If something is keeping me awake at night it usually means I am conflicted – I invariably take action the next day!

When values guide decisions great outcomes can result. When making decisions consider the wider impact – on your team, your clients, your wider community. Pause and take the time to explore the likely outcomes – do they line up with your principles and intended direction? It’s OK to make waves or ruffle a few feathers – you can do it nicely! Give yourself permission to act in a way that exhibits your core values.

To sum up

Embrace Best Practice as more than having a checklist—it is a compass that steers your business toward success. By integrating technical excellence with personal values, you’ll create a business that not only thrives but also reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Remember, it’s not just about what you do; it’s about how you do it. Let your values be your guiding star in your journey of business excellence.

“In business, ‘professionalism’ is not a tactic but a moral value.”
Amit Kalantri – Magician, mentalist, and author