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The Jones Business Solutions team are passionate about finding the right administration systems for your business, so that you can focus on results. Find out what services we offer.
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Xero Accounting Software

Xero is cloud based business accounting software able to be used on the go digitally. Quoting, invoicing, doing payroll , paying bills and completing GST returns are all easy to do.  ‘Beautiful accounting software’.

Jones Business Solutions is 100% Xero for their clients as well as their own practice.  We love working with this user friendly and intuitive accounting software.  We set up Xero for our clients, provide training and best practice processes, and ongoing support as required.  We offer full virtual bookkeeping through to once a year reviews depending on our client’s needs. The Jones Business Solutions team has 3 Xero Certified Advisors and is a Xero Silver Champion Partner.

In 2019 Jones Business Solutions was a Finalist for the Xero NZ Bookkeeper of the Year.

WorkflowMax Online Workflow & Job Management Software

WorkflowMax is a comprehensive online job management solution, combining sales and lead management, timesheeting, quoting, purchase orders and job costing into an easy to use application.

We can vouch for the ease of use, significant timesavings (particularly when quoting and billing), and the smooth integration of Xero with the WorkflowMax product.  We have developed particular expertise in working with this software for trade-based clients.  Jones Business Solutions team has 3 WorkflowMax Certified Advisors and is a WorkflowMax IT Setup Partner.

FlexiTime Payroll

FlexiTime Payroll is the perfect back office solution for businesses with remote, casual or flexible employees, or small businesses looking for an affordable payroll system that can grow with your company. FlexiTime saves you time by creating payroll, rosters and billing straight from employee timesheets.

We totally recommend this payroll product! Mobile friendly, easy for staff and owners to use and very affordable. Jones Business Solutions uses a FlexiTime specialist for the initial system setup, and then trains and supports clients with their payroll. Jones Business Solutions is a Flexitime Partner.

Receipt Stash

Receipt Stash automatically extracts the relevant data from your receipts and invoices, and prepares them to be sent to your accounting system.

Fast, cost effective, and easy to use, Jones Business Solutions regularly sets clients up on this software. The mobile friendly app further assists with automating transactional processing. Jones Business Solutions is a Receipt Stash Partner.