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The Jones Business Solutions team are passionate about finding the right administration systems for your business, so that you can focus on results. Find out what services we offer.
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Our Services


Software Implementation

Need help with setting up Xero accounting software to help run your business? Unsure of all the add-on options?

At Jones Business Solutions we regularly undertake software implementation for our clients.  Once a client’s requirements are fully understood, we then undertake a systematic and comprehensive approach to maximise the benefits of the chosen software for the business. Where applicable we refer other specialists for products so that the right level of expertise is provided.

After the initial setup and user training is complete, we sit down with our client and review the project.  At this stage additional training and support requirements can be determined and a plan put in place.

Contact us to see which products could help you maximise business results.


Want to learn more about the ‘how to’ with cloud software? Need Tips and Tricks with Xero? Like to work smarter with WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager?

At Jones Business Solutions we provide a variety of training options for our clients, in our local community, and for our fellow bookkeepers. We can work with you at your place, virtually or classroom style.

Contact us to see what we can customise to best suit your training needs and budget.


Business Systems

Want to know how your business is performing? Need a complete review and overhaul of your existing office systems? Need reports that tell you where you are at in real time?

At Jones Business Solutions we support our many and varied clients in a number of ways to help them better automate their business processes and to see how the business is doing. From looking at how the filing is done to a full systems audit we can provide the right information to facilitate successful changes.

We can help you utilise standard reports to the best advantage for your business, as well as creating customised tools where the regular software functions don’t quite fit your needs.

Contact us to see how we can help you create and manage effective systems that provide real results and performance direction for your business.


Accounts Support

Need help with sorting out your day to day accounts operations?  Don’t know where to start? Want better visibility on your numbers?

At Jones Business Solutions we provide virtual accounts support for a wide range of NZ businesses.  We are passionate about working with business owners and their teams to come up with systems that work. We aim towards best practice, maximising efficiency, 100% compliance, meaningful and accurate reporting, and comprehensive evaluation and management of risk.

Contact us to see how you can work with us and our key service providers to provide peace of mind and professional support for your business operations.

Payroll Support

At Jones Business Solutions we know payroll!  We understand that this can be a real headache for business owners.  We are very experienced with a number of payroll software products as well as keeping up to date with employment legislation.  Jones Business Solutions can set you up on payroll software, train you on the ‘how to’, and provide support and recommendations with recruitment and hiring decisions.

Contact us to see how we can help take the worry and stress away for this key area of running your business.