Jones Business Solutions Ltd | Thank you Tina!
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Thank you Tina!

Thank you Tina!

It was with much sadness in May 2023 that the world lost Tina Turner. The Queen of Rock and Roll as a title is no exaggeration! If you are not familiar with her story, go and find out more – truly inspirational.

There is a lot we can learn from Tina’s determination to fulfil her dreams. One of them was to fill stadiums as a solo artist like The Rolling Stones. Over 40, struggling to get gigs, and having left an abusive marriage with nothing but her stage name you would think this would be wishful thinking. Wrong! Here’s what I think we can learn from this truly remarkable lady.

Being true to yourself

Know your purpose and where you went to head in life. Stick with your ideas that you really believe in and find a way. Be open with others on your own values, and your personal journey. People who you work alongside or come into contact with professionally won’t think less of you because you share your story – quite the reverse in fact! Tina was a Buddhist, and the contrast with stage performances to her chanting and moments of solitude stood her in good stead and helped her get through tough times. Decide on the things that work for you to help balance your workload and busy lifestyle. Tune in to your true self with some alone time.

Age is not a barrier

I started my second business 2 years ago and (cough!) am heading towards 60 and feel like I am just getting started! Business setbacks happen at any age. Continuing to progress despite challenges provides real satisfaction later on. Failures are really just pauses while you assess, reset and keep going. Tina showed us how – in her 40’s restarting her career from scratch, often having to put her foot down to undertake certain projects (Promotional campaigns with the Australian NRL one example.) Once you have several years’ experience you build real expertise and wisdom along with a professional network of like-minded people. Don’t let getting older be a reason not to give something a go – you might surprise yourself!

Having a team around you

Tina really looked after her dancers, musicians and stage crews. Her warmth and naturalness in interviews is apparent, and her books show the same level of caring and honesty. Working with the people you want to have around, along with family and friends who support your vision is a big factor in achieving success. Positive energy from others helps you keep the momentum of the business going forward. Help your team work to their strengths, share your goals and vision with them – the results for your business can be amazing. Collective strength will win out every time.

Laughter and joy!

Take the time to enjoy the small moments – family occasions, successes, nature’s beauty, time with friends. And laugh – often and loudly! Tina had a mischievous sense of humour and shared many funny stories in her writing and on her live shows and interviews.

Be the very best you can be

In the bookkeeping community that I am so proud and blessed to be a part of I see lots of struggles and frustrations that generate tenacity, upskilling, others supporting to give encouragement and generous with sharing their expertise. Bookkeepers works to very high standards and are continually learning and wanting to help clients in the best ways they can. Tina’s career really showcases how far you can go if you truly want to and have the self-belief and support to achieve it. Dare to dream that big audacious dream – you might do the equivalent of a sell-out concert!

Rest in peace Tina – you were and always will be Simply the Best!

Here’s a great example of her taking someone else’s song (Al Green in this example) and making it her own. Enjoy!