Jones Business Solutions Ltd | How’s your family’s mental health?
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How’s your family’s mental health?

How’s your family’s mental health?

A real test for Leaine’s business and her team for the month of July….

At the end of June a family member had some very immediate and serious issues with their mental health. Leaine spent the next 4+ weeks working from their kitchen table to be on hand for the required support. This is not easy! As a small business owner the work still had to be done. Several vulnerable clients depending on us for payroll, gst returns, tax, and Covid19 financial support.

The JBSL Team stepped up, but a few process issues were identified that we will review and rectify. Leaine’s key focus was for her family. But being a virtual office really helped to keep the business basics going too. Unlimited broadband, Zoom, mobile phone – all good tools to have. Over the years something we have learned that while in business it is also OK to share that personally things might not be going so well. It has been surprising once we open up with our own experiences what clients and our team then trust us and share with some of their own – it is truly humbling and so good that we are then able to provide support in whatever ways we can.

It is most definitely OK to ask for help – and this can be provided in a number of ways.
As a 100% Xero Partner we recommend Xero’s XAP programme for our clients as one of the ways that support can be obtained. You can check it out here.