Jones Business Solutions Ltd | Client Reviews – take a deep breath!
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Client Reviews – take a deep breath!

Client Reviews – take a deep breath!

These are hard!

2020 has seen Jones Business Solutions gain a number of new bookkeeping clients. While we know we do a great job we also need to check in with clients to make sure they feel the same! We have recently set up a more formalised process to do just that. Looking forward to the results!

It is good to be mindful that there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism – we can all learn and do things better. Listen, explore the responses, ask questions to get a clear picture of the feedback given. Don’t be defensive – see it is an opportunity for more efective processes and results and better relationships. We believe in continuous improvement, for our business, ourselves individually and collectively as a team – and for our clients too.

Here’s an article that we found that resonated with us. You can read it here.

PS: Here are some of our own client reviews.